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Are you concerned with your little one’s language or speech? Have you been told by your pediatrician that your child may be delayed in using his words or in how he says his sounds? Maybe you’ve been told that your child has a myofunctional issue and you don’t even know what that is.  The first step is to look at the skills your child has, see where he needs some support, and create a plan to get there. A plan that makes you feel good and eases your anxiety about your little one’s progress. I have worked in early intervention for over six years and worked in child education prior to becoming an SLP. I have training in speech, language and oral motor speech development. If you are a resident of California, I can help you with that via teletherapy, even while we’re social distancing. If you're in Arizona or Colorado, I'll be available to serve you soon! My services page will tell you all about it.


A significant portion of my practice and continuing education is dedicated to bilingual families!

If you are trying to raise your child bilingually but having second guesses, power struggles with your child around learning your heritage language, or don’t know if you’re “doing it right” I can help. I blog about this topic frequently and will have a course and book coming out soon that will discuss raising your bilingual baby(ies).  For parents outside of California, I offer parent coaching in this area. (Note that this isn’t speech therapy.) I spent my young adult years traveling, learning new languages, and really appreciating the gift of bilingualism. When I came back to settle in the States, I was surprised to see that children of immigrant parents weren't learning the heritage language. I was even more surprised to see how some educational and medical professionals were discouraging bilingualism. Epa! I thought everyone valued bilingualism. And I thought that children just naturally soaked up two languages.   But, bilingualism isn’t always so simple, but it is doable. I’d like to share with you what research, observation, and interaction with bilingual families has taught me.



And a little more about me: I’m currently a practicing speech-language therapist living in the U.S. I studied at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Probably one of the most beautiful campuses in the US and a downtown full of street performers, yoga studios, and really good vegan eats. I speak fluent Portuguese (from Portugal), Spanish, and English. In my free time, I look for good foreign films that won’t get a thumbs down from my husband and that pair nicely with a bag of Trader Joe’s Herbs & Spices popcorn. You know what I'm talking about!

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Assessing and Supporting English Language Learners & Their Families: Birth to Five A continuing education course for SLP's on how assessing and supporting bilingual preschoolers. 

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