Bilingual Speech, Language and Myofunctional Therapy 

Green Speech Therapy

Green Speech Therapy provides teletherapy to families in California (coming soon to Arizona and Colorado.) We provide services in English, Portuguese or Spanish. We also offer parent coaching and courses around bilingual language development.



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The Green Speech Difference



Here are some reasons why you should consider teletherapy through our clinic:

The Problems

The root of a speech problem may have to do with muscular or oral motor issues. 

There is no evidence that learning two languages leads to speech and language delays. Eliminating one language doesn't remediate a delay.

Large clinics, hospitals, and pediatric centers will often have pre-planned programs for children to follow after a diagnosis. 

Many clinics and hospitals have great treatment programs, but treatment takes a long time due to infrequent sessions and limited time with therapists.

The Solutions

Green Speech Therapy combines orofacial myology techniques and sensorimotor therapy when treating speech disorders.  If your mouth, lips, jaw and tongue are not able to move properly when speaking, then this may be the root cause of your speech problems.  We can help.

Green Speech Therapy can treat speech disorders in your native language.  Whether you are a native English speaker or Spanish speaker, we can help.

No two children have the same symptoms to the same degree.  Green Speech Therapy creates custom plans for every child with the goal of decreasing overall therapy time.

We have created a specialized program for parents so they can help reinforce the therapy their child receives.  This program helps to drastically reduce the time to results.

Providing bilingual speech therapy and orofacial myology services via teletherapy

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